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Lines to the Horizon - new from Fremantle Press

From Gold Coast surf culture to the life and death relationships of humans to the sea; from surf travel in Mexico to Taj Burrow’s final campaign in Fiji, this collection features six authors writing about surf, and the ocean, in six very different ways. Their stories are reverential, energetic and mystical and between them cover thousands of kilometres of coastline, at home and away.

‘An anthology that celebrates the diversity of surf culture – the passion, the fear, the bliss and the pain. Glorious and insightful – words that speak to me.’ Favel Parrett.

‘Surfing is not just a sub-culture, it is culture, and here’s proof.’ Tim Winton

‘As this collection demonstrates, our horizons are unlimited …’ Jock Serong

'… the writing is never less than beautiful …' The West Australian

'This is an exciting collection of well-written stories and an examination of a rich culture.' The Newtown Review of Books

'Sam Carmody’s more introspective piece about the parallels between a hold-down and depression is an equally fine piece of writing, all the more powerful for its exploration of vulnerability.' The Saturday Age

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